Saturday, 9 July 2011

Suspension underside skirts.

The inner faces of the suspension units has a series of angled plates this is how I made those
plates.A heat former has been made and the plastic has been heat formed. 
What the part looks like after heatforming.
Here you can see the manner in which the male/female formers were made.
The two pin to keep the protrusions and indentations in alignment. 
A simple former for making one of the end pressings.
The part removed.
Another angle, this was heated up untill softened and then pushed down around the wood to create the shape.
Another portion of the plate.
I nicely defined piece, the part is trimmed from this.
Showing the subtel curves.
None of the four corners are the same and each one needs an individual former to be created.
The same part.
Here is how it fits to the underside, with some bolts added.

Here you can see the belly escape hatch, it doesn't work.
This is the left front underside.
One of the covers, because it would have been too complicated to heat form this part with the raised ribs these were cut off of a pre heat formed portion and glued onto this section.  
Some more shots before the bolts were added.
Another pre bolt view.

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