Sunday, 10 July 2011

The drivers hood.

The hood was built up from flat plates with heat formings being used where necessary.
The shell showing the heat formed bulge which has been blended into the surrounding plastic.
Here you can see the plate inserts that were screwed down over the visor and mechanism.
The overhead hatch with the cut out for the periscope as well as the slight recessed machining for the rotation of the protective plate over it. 
The hinge was finished off. 
Some more shots of the inner face, showing the hinge attachments as well as the travel limiting arm.
More detailing done here.
A nice shot of the inner detail.
The hatch pretty much complete, the aluminium arm is for rotating the heavy overhead plate with integral periscope.
The rail for the hatch strut is added.
Another view.
Here you can see the drivers visor in the open position, this would have been opened during road trips out of action.

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