Sunday, 30 March 2014

Right, I re-made the inlet manifolds because the first ones weren't up to scratch. The basic shape has been established and roughly sanded and puttied. 
Once the glue had set I could go back and do some finer shaping, the flanges and carburetors  are also pinned in place for now. 
A side view of the carbs, I am glad these are taking shape nicely because this side of the engine is so visible.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A wedge that makes up the rear portion of the carb has been roughly shaped. 
Here the edges have been rounded to conform to the upper part. I probably could have carved this out of a solid block of plastic but sometimes breaking it down into the various geometric shapes makes things a lot easier.
I started to make the locking tabs for the ammo containers, the upright tabs are roughtly cut to shape, glued in place and trimmed down once the glue had cured. Hopefully they won't look as rough as this when painted, macro photography can reveal flaws that are not evident to the naked eye. 
The retaining tabs are different for the large containers, the raised tabs were slotted into the circular discs and sanded down once dried. 
Looking from the side, they are loosely pinned at this stage as there should be a spring which will make them stand further from the surface than what is seen here. 

Here are the beginnings of the two carburetors, my working drawings are seen as well. I haven't included the finer details on the drawings yet as this confuses the overall shape which is what needs to be established first.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Quite a busy creative day, I have made some more components that make up the engine. 
On the left of the engine can be seen the makings of the starter motor and related mounting. 
Also to be seen is the oil filter and one of the magnetos. 
Overall view with the firewall in place. 
A better view of the starter motor. I have to still add the representation of the radiator mesh.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Here is something to whet your appetites, this is part of my ongoing set of working drawing.  
I began making the angle iron supports, it adds more meat to the interior.  
I also started to bulk out the engine compartment by starting work on the radiators. 
I normally make the larger items first and work my way down to the finer details. 
Looking towards the rear, you can also see the bulkhead taking shape as well. 
Direct overhead view, the radiator fans were powered by a flat pully with the power take off coming from the doughnut wheel attached to the flywheel just in front of the clutch. It will all become more apparent when completed.