Sunday, 21 April 2013

O.K. I have added a few more components, in this view the mounting point for the firing mechanism has been glued to the tube and the basic shape of the breech lever is seen from the side. 
This top view shows the breech opening lever and the re cocking cam pinned in place. 
Some overall views. 
The rough components get streamlined and finished off once the final shape has been established.
This sub assembly is coming along fairly well I think. 
Inside the tank.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Once again I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt at making the elevation hand wheel, so on the left is the better one. 
Looking at the dished side. 
Attached to the gun mount, as you can see the smaller details have already been added. 
The hand wheel, hub detail and other details can be seen.
Viewed from the side the structure is getting there bit by bit. 


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So here are the components that make up the hull gun. 
The final corrected gun cradle, notice the strengthening ribs on the inside
The corrected recoil guard.
The guard clipped in place.

The other cradle taking shape, once again it will be neatened up once everything is in place. 
This is the other side. 
With the breech block in place. 
The lower hydraulic cylinder, this one returns the gun to battery. 
The right hand side view, with the upper recoil cylinder in position. 
The elevation rack pinned in place.
The completed assembly so far. 
Everything fitted together. 
Top view. 
A view taken from outside the side hatch.