Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A series of photos showing gearbox construction.

The brake calipers are drawn onto styrene and the inner cutouts made.

Two matching sidewalls are matched up and glued to an inner layer of plastic.

Once glued the calipers are put aside to dry. 

Some more calipers.

The calipers have been sanded down and finished off, plus some other
structural shapes that go into the making up of the gearbox.

The calipers have been matched up and made into these four pieces,
also one of the brake drums is seen here.

The start of the upper half of the gearbox is taking shape,
you can see my working drawings underneath.

More steps in the gearbox construction, with the
lower portion taking shape as well.

First rough fitting to the rear hull interior.

Here you can see a more complete finish to the gearbox
surface with the filling and blending of corners. 

Rough assembly to determine everythings general position.

More blending and adding of details, you can see the mounting
tube for the Naeder servo motor.

Overhead shot of the gearbox and fittings.

The engine compartment is starting to take shape with an early mock up
of the engine seen attached.

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