Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Had some inspiration so I decided to make the suspension springs. I used  PVC pipe and set up my lathe to screw cut the tube to create the square section springs. 
It took a few passes with the cutting bit to cut right through without deforming the plastic. 
Here are the finished springs, on the right can be seen the first design which 
was under scale. There are supposed to be six springs but one of them is completely
 hidden behind the radiators so I will leave it out.
The various bits and pieces that make up the spring housings. 
After many hours these are the almost finished suspension springs. 
So, once again this is the little bit of them that will be seen sandwiched in between the fuel tanks. 
This is the one behind the firewall. 
This gives some idea of the size in my hand of course. 
Top view, I still have to add the split pins. The castellated nuts are heat formed and the slots razor sawed into them. 
I have threaded the ends of the rods because this is quite visible. 
An overall engine compartment view showing their location, I must admit it does make a difference to the filling out of the space. 

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