Saturday, 29 March 2014

I started to make the locking tabs for the ammo containers, the upright tabs are roughtly cut to shape, glued in place and trimmed down once the glue had cured. Hopefully they won't look as rough as this when painted, macro photography can reveal flaws that are not evident to the naked eye. 
The retaining tabs are different for the large containers, the raised tabs were slotted into the circular discs and sanded down once dried. 
Looking from the side, they are loosely pinned at this stage as there should be a spring which will make them stand further from the surface than what is seen here. 

Here are the beginnings of the two carburetors, my working drawings are seen as well. I haven't included the finer details on the drawings yet as this confuses the overall shape which is what needs to be established first.

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