Saturday, 21 April 2012

I've added the inlet manifold ports. 
Some nice overcast weather gave me the
opportunity to take some natual light pics. 
In this view some of the heat formed bolts and studs
can be seen, they look rather small to me but seeing
as I'm restricted by the sizes of allen head bolts thats
more or less the correct size. 
An overhead view showing the progress thus far. 
This view shows the work that has yet to be done
on the lower half of the gearbox, still some ways
to go. 
This view in particular shows the lack of detail
that has yet to be added, also the rounded lower
half is incorrect and needs to be re made. 
I've included the following images to give some
idea of the scale and size in my hand. 
This area also needs to be finished off at some stage.
Unfortunately most of the rear is invisible once installed.

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