Sunday, 4 May 2014

At least this time I have added something that can actually be seen!
In case you don't see it I started adding the strengthening ribs to the auxiliary fuel tanks, I still need to glue the ones on the inner surface. I have found at least two Ebay wartime images of exploded tanks that confirm the ribs were a standard design feature.
Even the left hand side one can be seen in the close confines. I have removed the pulley set up for now.  
Next comes the filler ports, joining pipes and lower end feeder pipes.
I decided to wait until most of the components are in place before I glue in the nuts and bolts, otherwise I might wast my time adding these to areas that are completely hidden.  
A close up view, the intersections had to be cut and fitted to get it that way. 
Slowly, slowly the vacant areas are starting to be filled with interesting details. 

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