Monday, 6 January 2014

For a change of pace from working on the hull gun I finished the mg magazine holders and dry fitted them in place to see how it all looks. 
The six magazine holders. 
First attempt at the strips that hold the magazines in place, I'm not sure if I'll use vinyl but we'll see. 
A close up of the mg magazine holders. 
Another view. 
Not really sure why I included this shot? 
Here are the heat pressings for the three large round magazines. 
A close up of the pressings, the two halves get cut out of this and glued together for form the magazines. 
I couldn't figure out why this mg magazine container prevented the access door in the firewall to be opened and only after studying my pictures did I realise this container is actually shorter and should only have two rows of holes. I haven't shortened it yet in this picture.  
you will also see I have finished the narrow ammo holders now as well.
Here you can see how the ammo containers are located, these are attached to the roof and I'm still in two minds if I'll mount them to the roof or like this to show the cramped conditions. 
Overhead view. I think I got the basic dimensions right but for lack of further information it will have to do. 
Here you can see how the ammo containers actually encroach into the turret ring. This is accurate and when you consider that the tank commander/gunner didn't actually use that side of the turret because of the turret gun it makes sense. 
Another duplicate overhead shot. 
One more angle, I have to still add the retaining catches.

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  1. Very impressive work!
    Good luck for the next steps and Happy New Year.