Thursday, 14 March 2013

To all my followers I must thank you for being so patient. I haven't been inspired until now to do some work on this model, it has been very frustrating because I want to get it finished but not for the sake of doing a rush job. So when one gets tired of working on one particular aspect of a model you move onto another part that would have to be built later on anyway. Here you can see the beginnings of the cradle for the hull mounted gun, I found out that if I lay the paper plans I have drawn upside down on the plastic and soak the paper with thinners then the ink sticks very nicely to the plastic it also leaves a nice definition. The portions that needed to be removed were done by drilling around the edges and chiseling out the scrap. 
Once the rough edges were dealt with the final shaping using files and sanding sticks took place, these are the strengthening ribs that make up the cradle. 
So the next step was to glue the ribs to another sheet thereby creating the ribbed effect, here the two pivot plates for want of a better word have already been glued to the armoured shield. You can also see the beginnings of the breech and mounting. 
This is the other side, some careful measuring took place to ensure that the pivot centre matched up perfectly otherwise the whole system would not elevate or depress cleanly. 
As seen from a different angle. 
Another view.

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